About us

Our Journey began in October of 2013 when I convinced my wife Jessica (girlfriend at the time) to quit smoking. I had been dipping for almost 15 years and she was a smoker; and we both knew it was time for a change. We visited our local tobacco stores to find our first vape starter kit, and took it home for a whirl.

After a month, Jessica had completely quit smoking, and one afternoon threw the vape-pen at me and said "your turn". Dip has about twice the nicotine of even the heaviest cigarette, and no matter what people say, vaping just doesn't deliver THAT jolt of nicotine. It took three days of craving-hell, but thanks to the vape, I was able to give up 14 years of heavy chew use. And since that day, we have never looked back.

You can ask anyone- I've never been able to leave well-enough alone. Once I'd acclimated to vaping, I began educating myself and looking for more flavors, more nicotine, and learning about all the different vaping technologies. Like the Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor I was looking for "more power!" and after a lot of trial-and-error found a juice line and vaporizer setup that was suitable for my needs. Next thing I knew, everyone around me started asking questions and sampling my vaporizer.

By January of 2015, Jessica and I opened Majestic Vapor's first location: a jail-cell-sized boutique in a club we both worked at. It eventually got to the point that we were making several trips per day to another store, just to keep our little boutique stocked! With our first daughter on the way, we pooled our money to buy inventory and obtain a lease on our first real retail shop.

It didn't happen overnight, but soon enough word got around about Majestic Vapor and we became THE place to come for e-juices and vape hardware in the Oklahoma Panhandle.  We take great pride in how Majestic Vapor came to be and know that we owe all of our success to our loyal customers. From that little boutique, now to two full-size retail locations and an online store, we want to personally express our gratitude for, and invite you to join the community of vapers that are a part of our Majestic Family.

Come see why our motto is:

“Quality Customer Service above all!”




Lance Harrison